101 On Dandruff

Having itchy ‘snow flakes’ on your head again? Dandruff is certainly annoying and can be embarrassing to some people, just like what the commercial is showing. And the truth is, the condition is not that easy to treat. So what are you supposed to do?

Dandruff is simply a hair problem that causes the scalp creates too much, too fast of new cells so the old ones have no time to die yet, to make space for the new skin cells, hence the old ones gets expelled, and you get dandruff. This condition can be long term or simply as a result of certain triggers (usually being hormonal, fungal infection, dermatitis, or stress-related issues).

What causes dandruff, really? Well, for starters, if you don’t brush the tresses regularly (preferably daily) then you are at slight risk of getting one, as the scalp is unable to shed dead skin cells effectively that a brushing routine provides. The same also goes if you don’t shampoo your hair often – the buildup of dead skin and oil will only accumulates dandruff and eventually hardens them.

Having an oily or dry skin is not just for the face, it affects the hair as well. And combined with cold temperature or overheated room calls for the head to get itchy and creates dandruff more than other people, as well as certain skin issues like psoriasis and  eczema, they’re much vulnerable to get dandruff as well.

In any case, dandruff can certainly be controlled and a mild shampoo will remedy it, only with severe cases of dandruff that you need high potent stuff like medicated shampoo or even a specialized hair mask to cool the scalp and treat the condition, or worse, a visit to the good doctor, where you’ll need to know if the condition is a common dandruff or something worse like Seborrheic dermatitis, and your scalp will get super flaky, red, and greasy.

Plus, if you left those dandruff where it is, bacteria will eventually come and get into your skin, and you’ll experience, possibly causing you a couple or two of condition and you may feel unwell.

Generally, anti-dandruff shampoos have typical ingredients as the key in treating dandruff such as Zinc pyrithione; Coal tar or Ketoconazole, as anti-fungal and microbial agent; Salicylic acids for gentle exfoliation to purge all of dead skin cells contributing to dandruff; as well as tea tree oil and green tea – potent remedy in soothing and fights dandruff effectively (a topical application of tea tree oil also works).

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