Before Getting A Laser Treatment, Read This!

If you’re thinking (or perhaps already done it) to book yourself some dose of photo rejuvenation treatment, I seriously encourage you to read this piece beforehand to get you prepared prior the treatment. After all, it’s a hefty sum for a treatment, thus surely you want to get the best of it, wouldn’t you? Read on and tick off as you done it.

No doubt that photo rejuvenation treatment has an impressive record in helping you to look your younger self in nearly every ageing issue you can think of and of course, for such as sophisticated treatment, you need to remember some of the pointers to ensure that you can maximise their potential and making your skin look damn good.

This may seem like a no brainer, though you’re paying them a hefty price to get one of the treatments, you need to be sure of yourself that the personnel’ are not crawling on you for the money. Trust me, if they do, they will upsell every single treatment with lots of reasons fabricated to justify their claims, in short, sales-focused. You can see the obvious in their office, if it’s full of promotional posters and pamphlets and no useful content, walk out.

A good beauty centre should only focus on one thing – you. Your concern, well-being, and the target that you want to achieve will be taken seriously, in order for them to prescribe (and not forcing you!) the right treatment suitable to achieve the very result.

If the total price for the whole session does end up on the expensive side, you won’t worry because you’ll know you can trust them and be in their good hands – that’s a rare find.

Make sure that when discussing your options, it’s best to talk straight to the personnel who have experience in the field. It’s important that they listen to what you need and ready to answer your questions without batting an eyelid (or worse, checking Wikipedia for answers!).

Like I mentioned before, you need to be in good hands because photo rejuvenation treatments also carry a risk, no matter how small it is.

Another point worth remembering is to know that your chosen treatment is composed of comprehensive, all-out treatment for the whole area (say your face or whole neck) rather than spot treatments. As Botox are best delivered in tiny amounts in spread-like area, so should you treatment would in order to get a subtle yet noticeable change (nothing too dramatic here). In fact, spot treatment rarely produces results you’re looking for so be sure about that.

One thing that is highly valued in the field is consultation and follows up after your treatment. The follow up is essential as there is always a possibility that the overall results are not what you expect it might be, hence a further consultation and post-op care complete with tips is needed (or perhaps, another treatment for fixing, for free!).

Make sure this should be confirmed because believe me, a mediocre centre will make follow up process like hell, just so you don’t come back for fixing anything wrong.

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