Benefits Of Non-Surgical Facelifts

A lot of people are looking for ways to look younger. In the skin care market there are numerous ways to achieve that – both surgical and non-surgical. Everyone has heard of the surgical way. And most likely, everyone has at least seen the invasive surgical procedures needed to complete these techniques. Because of what is involved, some people opt for researching non-surgical facelifts as an alternative.

Non-surgical facelifts are growing in popularity. Not only do they lack the intense surgery, but they offer excellent results on the right candidate. Here are a few of the options available:

1. Energy transfer facelift.

This type of non-surgical procedure utilizes energy in the form of infrared rays, radiofrequency or other heat treatment. The heat is used to “warm” facial tissue and cause deep dermis tightening. Thermal treatments are popular, but have an effectiveness rate of 30% among patients. Because of the low success rate, these just barely fall under the title of non-surgical facelifts. Rather, they are considered rejuvenation procedures. Normally surgeons use this type of procedure concurrently with others for optimal results.

2. Laser resurfacing procedures.

The resurfacing of skin is another non-surgical facelift technique that is also known as laser vaporization, lasabrasion or laser peeling. This procedure uses beams of concentrated light to remove damaged skin. It normally is used to improve facial flaws such as fine under-eye lines, forehead lines, mouth lines, acne scars, sun-damaged skin, liver spots, warts and enlarged oil glands. This procedure removes the epidermis to reveal the dermis, or underlying unmarred tissue. It does take some time for healing, and can leave the skin red and irritated. After that subsides, however, a new skin appears with less scarring. The procedure may have to be repeated for improved results and can take months to complete.

3. Volume replacement.

This non-surgical facelift uses fat or fillers to reshape the volume of the face. As a face ages, it tends to lose some of the fat pads beneath the skin. This can cause sagging and dropping, particularly in the under-eye area and the neck. To minimize this look, surgeons transfer fat to areas in need of bulk. By replacing the padding, it plumps the face and makes it look fuller and younger. This is another procedure that normally is used in conjunction with other methods of rejuvenation.

Overall non-surgical facelifts are effective ways to improve the appearance without invasive procedures. Most surgeons suggest more than one tool and use them strategically to achieve the best look for the patient. If you are looking for an improved look of your skin, consider looking into non-surgical facelift treatments. Work closely with a professional who can assess your individual situation and use the procedure, or procedures, that work best for your skin.

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