Effective Methods On How To Get Rid Of Acne

Many people find themselves faced with an outbreak of acne at some point in their lives. Whether due to stress or hormonal changes, it can be an unpleasant experience. Today I am teaming up with a skin specialist doctor from Advanced Dermatology clinic in Sydney. We are going to clear up the myths and find real solutions to your acne problems.

We are starting off by clearing the most common myth, pimples don’t always mean you have unclean or dirty skin—actually over-cleansing may irritate your skin more. Hormones, are however not uncontrollable, but there are certain methods you can employ to eliminate such breakouts. You can have healthy, radiant and pimple-free skin in no time.

Wash Your Face With a Ph Balanced Cleanser

The first thing to discourage the development of acne is to wash your face twice everyday using a Ph balanced cleanser of 5.5 in the morning and before bedtime. No matter how busy or tired you are, taking a few minutes to cleanse your skin will greatly reduce the growth of acne.

Wash Your Face With Oils

Washing your face with essential oils known as the Oil Cleansing Method is a popular cleansing method in Asia, and increasingly gaining momentum world over. It is an alternative cleansing method that is gentle on the skin, and suitable for sensitive skin. Look for oils like grape seed oil, castor oil, emu oil, coconut oil and olive oil.


Exfoliating products scrub the face and remove dead skin which aids in the development and build-up of acne. Exfoliation can involve physical or chemical methods.

Use Products that Contain Benzoyl Peroxide

Benzoyl peroxide can be used in the form of either a lotion or soap over acne-prone areas of your face and body. This product cleans dead skin and helps in the rapid regeneration of new, cleaner skin cells. Go for products which contain 3 percent or less of benzoyl peroxide to reduce the chances of skin irritation.

Syneron Elos Acne Treatment

The Syneron Elos method is one of the newest and first acne treatment procedures that uses bi-polar radio frequency and optical energy either light or laser to effectively get rid of acne permanently. It is a more effective and safer treatment than conventional lasers.

What Syneron Elos Does

  • Tightens the skin effectively and treats sagging skin under the eyes, around the neck and eliminates fine lines.
  • Rejuvenates the skin and fades freckles, sun spots as well as red and brown spots. It reverses the visible effects of aging.
  • Treats pore-clogging and prevents the formation of bacteria that aids in breakdown of skin cells while facilitating rapid healing time for the skin.
  • Permanently removes excess and unwanted hair which may be a breeding ground for acne causing bacteria.

The bi-polar radio frequency and light energies of Elos penetrate deep into the skin to destroy acne causing bacteria while enabling the production of essential skin oils. This treatment method is suitable for people who are looking getting rid of acne fast without experiencing the side-effects associated with laser treatment.

If you want to learn more about different treatments available today, check out Advanced Dermatology’s Dermatological Blog, it covers a range of treatments that you might find helpful.

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