Get Rid Of Dark Circles In An Instant!

One of the challenges that we need to deal during makeup is to cover up panda-eyes that appear underneath the eyes. Yep, I’m talking about dark circles, short of applying a thick layer of foundation to the tired, darkened skin, here’s how you can do it with a simple tool called colour-correcting concealers.

These colour-correcting concealers are designed to hide skin discolouration from mild to extreme cases, even with dark circles. While most discolouration can be hidden with a clever mix of foundation and concealer combo, a colour-correcting kind combined together will offer a through and perfect cover-up, if you want to look simply fabulous and flawless.

And who knows? Colour-correcting concealers may be the one your skin loves instead of the ol’ concealer.

Choosing the right colour-correcting very much depend on the colour and the consistency that you need to cover up any imperfections without making them obvious (like a crude job). Severe cases of discolourations require more intense colour and thicker consistency while milder patches of uneven spot needs a little bit of thin colour-corrector.

As for the colour, the key is to refer a colour wheel and the colour that are opposites will cancel the other colour out. For example, green colour-correctors will cover and even out obvious redness such as rashes, rosacea, or itchiness. Yellowish tinge will blend out pink and pale red hues, compared with orange that will correct bluish tones (like bruises, dark circles, or sun damaged spots) and vice versa – blue or violet colour-correctors will even out orangey hues (usually happens with bad case of tan).

But really, if you’re in doubt and worry that you have uneven colour on your face that it’s not supposed to be, simply select a colour from the colour wheel based on general colour for each discolouration (say, dark circles) and do a patch test to see the formulation and consistency before going all-out for your face.

No matter the kind of consistency that you choose (tip: choose the middle ground, so you can less or more, depending on your needs), the key is to add bit by bit and sparingly until you get applied the right amount for the discolouration fades away. Apply them in press-like manner to set in the colour, rather than swiping them (that’s for foundation and blushers, honey).

Keep in mind though, that colour-correctors are the kind of product that you don’t have to use every day, unless the discolouration is way too obvious for a usual concealer-plus-foundation combo alone. And using the makeup should be worn underneath the foundation and it’s not meant to be used alone.

Though colour-correctors is strictly for superficial cover-up, nevertheless it’s still handy if you want to keep your whole look prime and flawless, especially if you have a big date to attend after pulling a nighter for a project!

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