Having a Cosmetic Procedure is now safer than Ever

Invasive procedures (including minimally ones) are more common than ever; though you probably be a bit apprehensive with the potential side effects that can range from annoying to devastating. You can breathe a sigh of relief as a new study concluded that potential adverse reactions coming from these procedures hit all-time low. Read on, I bet you’d be excited.

Minimally invasive procedures have always been in high demand as they give a rather big improvement of your whole appearance with less time, hassle after procedures, and potential complications. And the overall procedure is certainly reliable, for nearly every skin issues imaginable.

Based on independent study with nearly 20,000 various procedures, it seems that any side effects or accidents occur due to these aesthetic procedures is 0.24% (that’s less than one percent!), when performed by a licensed, board-approved dermatologists, with the most common complaints post-op is mainly hyperpigmentation after a laser treatment; bumps and lumps or beading (commonly happen in nasolabial folds, cheeks, and eyelids) after Botox of dermal filers. Yes, even Botox is safe and can be done regularly.

Other invasive procedures also include tummy tuck, breast augmentations, laser skin resurfacing, and facelift surgeries.

The low risk can be attributed to the continuous development and improvement of technologies of machines used in each procedure where safety, precision, and efficiency is more paramount than ever. Plus the overall effect is not about radical change, but rather significant yet subtle improvements to enhance your overall features. Where less is actually more.

Simply put, based on the results it simply obvious that we need to choose only the certified doctors to carry out these procedures, especially coming from the highly experience ones to ensure that we’re in good hands.

What more with countless beauty centers having invasive treatments that are unlikely to be monitored and the price seems tempting to you, the safety of your health and life shouldn’t be compromised.

On the other hand, these results also mean that you don’t have to worry too much for any likeliness of accidents to happen to you. To increase the odds in your favor, a thorough research and honest discussions with your chosen dermatologists is essential so they will know what kind of results and goals you’re after.

Would you book yourself a consultation with your doctor for a shot of invasive procedures?



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