Potential Side Effects From Botox

Oh dear, it seems like your Botox job is not as what you expect it to be. Is there any solution to remedy it? Read on to find out more.

Used appropriately, Botox can be your solutions to get back the youthful look you’ve had a couple of years ago. Though this treatment is quite expensive, with potential side effects to match, both woman and man still rely to Botox as their life-saver. That said, the side effects are still there, and it can happen to you.

For example, getting way too much of Botox is a bad thing and should be avoided at all costs, no matter how tempted you are. The key in Botox is for a rejuvenated, refresh look and not looking overdone (or God forbid, frozen foreheads), expressionless, and simply plastic. But don’t panic just yet as overtreatment is fairly temporary, though it may take weeks to see some improvement.

The opposite of getting too much of Botox is of course, getting too little of it. And under treatment also occurs when Botox effect fades off too fast – happens when you get a ‘diluted’ shot or from less reputable centers.

Drooping eyelids is also another common ‘casualties’ when it comes to Botox, resulting from Botox shot not delivered properly  (can be either the amount and the location of the Botox delivered) on the forehead area. This particular side effect can also happen to your eyebrows as well.

Technically speaking, it’s not really your eyelids are dropping but rather the eyelids gets pushed down as the results of Botox job on the forehead and the effect is more pronounced if you have hooded eyelids or have a habit of raising eyebrows too much.   Unfortunately, there’s no instant cure of fixing it except wait until Botox wears off.

Oh, this is one of Botox side effects that you better pray to not go through with it – lopsided features.  Botox can give you asymmetrical facial features in anywhere on your place the needle has jabbed into, resulting from poor placement.

The good news is it can be easily remedied by adding more Botox shots in within affected area or if it can be easily fix, you just have to wait until Botox effects’ fades off.

Seriously, getting informed with these potential side effects will help you in making informed decision and know if Botox is the true solution for rejuvenating your skin. And yes, if (god forbid) you do have one of these side effects, the solution can be either adding a little more shot to correct it or simply wait until the Botox effect fades away.

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