Revolutionary Sixty Minute Non Surgical Facelift

If you saw this technique advertised on television or on the internet you would probably discredit it and not even bother investigating the benefits and ease of a non surgical facelift. Before you dismiss this opportunity to revive your face in a pain free, noninvasive, FDA approved manner take the time to see the difference in this truly revolutionary facelift procedure.

As a person ages the collagen in their skin and face breaks down. The biochemical functions that produce new collagen slow down as a person ages. This is why you get more wrinkles, sagging, age spots, lost skin tone, reduced elasticity, and jowls. A non surgical facelift addresses all of your face at one time. You do not need special treatments for different areas of your face.

A non surgical facelift has helped more than 20,000 people regain a youthful and radiant face. The procedure that is the only non surgical facelift that is approved by the Food and Drug Administration of the United States is the only facelift that is 100 percent surgery free. You do not wait for weeks to see results and you do not have to hide until the swelling goes down like you would with other facelift techniques.

The sixty minute facelift uses lasers to initiate the natural production of new collagen in the skin. The procedure not only removes the defects that genetics, age, too much sun, and exposure to chemicals have produced in your face but immediately give you a fuller look, smoother and tighter skin, and improved elasticity.

This non surgical facelift is the only facelift technique that utilises the healing chemicals that are naturally produced in your body to restore your face to the glow that you once had and desire to have again. The natural processes that produce collagen are stimulated by the procedure without the dangers of any chemical that is not made by your own body.

This non surgical facelift has distinct advantages over Botox, surgery, fillers, and other facelift methods. This is the fastest facelift available and takes only sixty minutes. There are no injections and no need for anesthesia. There is no use of chemicals that can produce unwanted and in some instances deadly side effects. You do not have to wait for results or go through any recovery period.

This technique works for every skin tone and every skin type. You can address one part of your face or your entire face with a single treatment. The procedure removes wrinkles, spots caused by age or the sun, veins that develop around the nose, and get rid of frown lines. Your face feels tighter, you have more tone and elasticity in your face, and you look better and feel more beautiful immediately with the non surgical facelift.

This treatment is currently exclusive to Advanced Dermatology based in Sydney, the leaders in skin aesthetics in Australia. You can learn more about them and the treatment on their website.

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