The Latest Liposuction Alternative

Wow, reducing or purging these yellow-fats off your body without using any knife sure sounds too good to be true, isn’t it? Well, there is a possibility, by using a fab treatment called CoolSculpting to take out all of these excess and definitely unwanted fats for good. Read on and see, if CoolSculpting is worth for your case.

Let’s get the basic first; CoolSculpting is a non-surgical procedure (yes, no knives involved) to reuce and melt that stubborn fat off effectively. The procedure works by using the combination of cryolipolysis (the word “cyro” means cold while “lipolysis” is to break down fat; “lipo” is fat) that works by using some sort of applicator to the intended area that cools of the fat, just above the freezing temperature for the fat itself.

This will in turn cause the fat to crystallize (something similar when water turns to ice) and breaks apart naturally, before metabolizes naturally from your body. The application for each dab of CoolSculpting reduces the fat as high as 30% with each treatment and currently, the technology is intended for the face, fat bulges, love handles, as well as for the chest and back.

CoolSculpting is more appealing than other non-invasive procedures because this treatment is more effective and certainly consistent – by killing off fat cells instead of just damaging fat cell membranes.

The treatment begins by your doctor will mark the areas that you want to melt the fat and covered with specialized gel pads to protect the skin. Using a cup-shaped applicator, a vacuum pressure will be administered to draw out excess skin and targeted fat. Expect to feel your skin pulled firmly by the pressure applied and the treated area will slowly become numb, and the treated are becomes off-white and swollen, temporarily.

The whole treatment can as minimum as an hour (including preparation) and it’s very much depend on the number and size of area to be treated. Follow ups is also possible.

The key in the treatment is CoolSculpting is made specially for fats that are deposited underneath your skin and not the ones that mingle around the organs (called visceral fat) – that’s where a liposuction comes in play.

Generally, all adults can get their hands on CoolSculpting though the exceptions would be for pregnant and lactating woman. As the treatment does affect nerve system a little bit, you might want to be sure that if you do have nerve-related condition, it’s best to speak out and be assure with your doctor, before continuing with CoolSculpting.

Okay, here’s the best part of CoolSculpting; because it works by killing of fat cells, it can be safely say that the results are permanent! All you need is maintain a healthy diet with a healthy lifestyle, and you should be fine.

The verdict is certainly positive for CoolSculpting; think of them as giving a second chance for your body to look good, for good.

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