Tricks To Make Your Eyes Look Bigger

Ageing eyes is not a good thing – it’ll make you look sleepy, inactive, and simply boring to talk to. Short of having some eye lift surgery, why not try out some of these simple tips, to make your eyes look fresh, awake, and simply pops? Not to worry, no smoky eye technique is necessary.

To makeover your eyes is not really to focus on the peppers – you need to include the brows as well. Often we miss the part in a makeover, not to mention the hairs gradually gets thin and pale as we get older; as a result, there’s no ‘kick’ for the whole look. The key is to shape, tweeze, and fill the brows correctly, following a natural one that you have.

We’re not doing any smoky eye technique here, but a little bit of liner is absolutely necessary – it makes your eyes look define, awake, and certainly pops out (in a good way). A simple line around the eye is enough to do the job, and dab the line a little to blend the line with your fingertips for a natural look.

A highlighter is not just for your face – you can use it for the eyes as well.  Apply a swipe of highlighter just under the brow bone and the corner of your eye to make them look awake. The same trick also can be applied with a dash of white eye shadow.

It’s essential that you have your lashes beautifully-curled (especially if you have short and stiff ones) and combining mascara with a lash curler will certainly do the trick! The key is to heat your lash curler gently to warm up the lashes, so the effect will last longer. Add one a few swipes of volumising mascara and you’re done and do it the same with lower lashes, to make your eyes really pop.

Alternatively, consider permanent lash extensions to save time (you only spend it on assembling the lashes) and your eyes will constantly look simply youthful.

And of course, our eyes are not as healthy as what you see in the magazine – they all have bumps and dark circles as well. It’s normal and it only means you’re working hard. Cover up any imperfections beforehand with a touch of concealer (use colour-correcting ones) and do the tips mentioned above. Don’t forget to repair your eyes from within with a good brand of retinol for the eye as well.

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