Why Choose Skin Needling For Skin Rejuvenation

When it comes to anti aging treatments, skin needling is one of the best options currently available. It delivers many benefits to the recipient, with very few drawbacks. It is not as invasive as plastic surgery and can be performed quickly. Skin needling comes highly recommended for patients in search of facial rejuvenation who do not wish to undergo serious surgery.

The process of skin needling sounds a great deal more painful than it actually is. Very small needles are used to puncture the skin and create miniature wounds. By triggering the body’s natural healing powers, new elastin and collagen is produced. Additionally, patients are able to formulate brand new capillaries.

Skin needling is especially effective for those who are suffering from excessive scarring, lack of facial firmness and poor hydration. While the usage of needles may have some prospective patients worried about the safety of the procedure, skin needling is actually considering to be one of the safest forms of treatment. Laser based treatments and chemical peels are both thought of as being less safe than skin needling.

Acne scars, stretch marks, facial creases, deeper wrinkles, and loose, saggy skin are all conditions that skin needling can help to alleviate. These are just a few of the many benefits skin needling patients have at their disposal.

Patients with darker skin are also able to see great benefits from skin needling, as treatments help to reduce the risks involved with hyper pigmented skin. Those with sensitive skin have no increased risk, as skin needling is suitable even for the thinnest of skin.

Skin needling treatments are typically administered in a relaxed office setting and very few, if any, specialized instruments or training is needed. Because of these factors, prices for skin needling tend to be much lower than the cost of other treatments, a definite benefit for the cost conscious consumer.

The needling procedure is also to treat areas of the skin that many chemical peels and other facial treatments simply are unable to reach. For example, the area closest to your eye, where crow’s feet tend to take root, cannot even be reached by laser skin treatments. Where laser treatments and chemical peels fail, skin needling succeeds.

Because of the noninvasive nature of skin needling, patients are able to repeat the treatments as many times as necessary. There is also a very short recovery time, as patients tend to experience very few side effects and are able to resume their normal routine quickly.

While patients should be made aware that several sessions could be needed, depending on what they are trying to accomplish, each session is short, taking up to an hour, but as little as 5 minutes. For this reason and the others mentioned, skin needling is highly recommended for those with facial blemishes they wish to eliminate.

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